Kicking the Can to Reduce Pollution

By on November 24, 2013
Kicking the can to reduce pollution

On average, 266 cans and bottles become litter or landfill every second in Australia.

This represents 8 billion drink containers every year filling the tips or littering our environment. We’ve all seen them, in almost every place we go but it appears to be an insurmountable problem. Beverage containers remain in landfill for a very long time, kill wildlife and pollute our oceans. However, there is an organization that’s doing something about eliminating the tossed can and you can get involved.

“Kicking the Can” is an alliance of various Australian groups, called the Boomerang Alliance, and includes local councils, community and environmental organizations that have come together to encourage a national solution to this universal problem. There are 26 state and national groups in the alliance and they have been working and lobbying for more than 10 years to develop a solution to this problem.

… littering of drink cans is limited … where a 10c refund is available …

What they have discovered through research is that littering of drink cans is limited in South Australia where a 10c refund has been available on cans and bottles since 1977. The Northern Territory has a similar container deposit system. Based on the experience of these two systems, the Alliance has developed container deposit legislation that has been hailed as “the best container deposit system in the world” by international experts in this field.

The Boomerang Alliance is advocating the introduction of a national container deposit scheme that provides a 10c refund, so all states and territories can enjoy the liberation from the litter that South Australians have. The difference would be that an independent board would manage the National Recycle Refund Scheme, not the beverage industry, as is the case in SA and NT. The board would use the funds generated to develop enhancements to the scheme and recycling systems nationwide.

… do your bit to help the Boomerang Solution …

You can do your bit to help the Boomerang Solution become a reality by visiting the website at and taking action to convince politicians to pass appropriate legislation. Join the 85% of Australians who already support a national recycle refund scheme.